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Connect with Mid/Backoffice
Connect with Mid/Backoffice
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Carerix offers a seamless integration between Carerix ATS and a Mid/Backoffice system with our partner 'ConnectYourFlex".
We offer connections with lots of third parties, like:

  • Helloflex

  • Easyflex

  • Plan4Flex

  • Exact

  • Yoobi

  • Pivoton

  • AFAS

  • Akyla

How does it work

ConnectYourFlex receives or retrieves the data from your ATS system.
The mapping module facilitates specific customer requirements per data
field and makes the translation to the format of your target application (for
example, back office).
The transformed message is delivered to the target application.
Any functional feedback and technical errors are presented in your ATS
system. If desired, these can also be communicated through e-mail with
the relevant employee(s).


ConnectYourFlex is a wide SAAS integration platform forms an intermediate layer and ensures that the software packages can read and write together.
Retyping is no longer necessary. With the help of our software information flows seamlessly towards hirers, suppliers and your internal applications
No expensive custom integration costs necessairy, but standard integration is availabe. Custom also.


Keywords: UD-3157

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