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Release 5.0.238 // 23 November 2019
Release 5.0.238 // 23 November 2019

Filter on type of phone number

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Filtering on specific types of phone numbers
Search for a specific type of phone number is added. If you quickly want to send an sms it would be nice to filter out those candidates that actually have a mobile number available, right? In this release we added the following filter lines for candidates:

  • Phone number (home)

  • Phone number (work)

  • Mobile number (home)

  • Mobile number (work)

These filter options come additionally to the already existing 'Phone numbers' filter which filters for all types of phone number fields.

Full Copy button now also available in read-only records
The Full Copy button in Job Orders was not available for Read-Only-records. Copying is not editing and therefore we enabled the button in all situations except for user roles without create permissions for Job Orders.

Extended the reach of setting applySearchFilterAutomatically:
If the applySearchFilterAutomatically setting is set to 'NO' a search filter in all scenario's only will be applied after clicking the 'Filter' button. Whether you arrive in the candidate/job order/contact/company overview or you switch between different tabs in those overviews: by default lists are empty and to apply a (default/saved) filter a click on the filter button is always required.

Smaller bugs and issues:

  • Fixed a bug in the anonymisation action: during anonymisation bank account numbers were not erased.

  • Fixed a translation issue with Sent Emails where the header was not translated

  • Fixed an issue with talentpools/candidates that made it impossible to add candidates to the talentpool from the candidate overview using the action button.

  • Seamless Mobile: keep me signed in checkbox is added to the login page. Checking this box keeps your session alive for the period of time specified in your Carerix 5 Settings. Additionally we added the 'Switch Account' option to actively end your session and log out to login with a different account. This can be found in the menu. 

  • Seamless Mobile: any location link now links to Google maps if you click on it.

  • Seamless Mobile: Internal links are activated and coloured black/bold. External links are coloured blue. For example: if in a record in entity X a record of entity Y is mentioned, the latter one is clickable and opens it right away.

  • Seamless Mobile: fixed an issue with attendees/resources which are deleted when user does not save its changes

  • Seamless Mobile: fixed an issue with the browser back button

  • Seamless Mobile: fixed an issue with emails where bcc was not displayed (correctly)

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