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Corporate HR portal
Corporate HR portal

Arrange your whole recruitment process within a single system.

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CxCorporate HR portal makes sure the whole recruitment process in your organization is arranged within a single system. This involves integrating an approval flow, which starts when the vacancy is announced by the business and ends when a new employee comes on board.

  • Insight into the status and progress of the hiring process

  • Supports the hiring manager and manager

  • Prevents a lot of unnecessary ambiguity about e-mails

The CxCorporate HR portal features the following components

Management Portal

HR portal – This portal s used by (line) management. It is easy to use, which means managers are encouraged to perform and follow up their own tasks.

Onboarding Panel

Once an employee accepts the proposed contract, it will be possible for HR to take the next steps in the employment process.

HR Service Desk Dashboard

HR monitors the whole recruitment process via its own dashboard. It is always possible to gain a more detailed insight into the concerned files. You can also use the tabs for filtering and sorting purposes.

All Portals allow you to:

  • Configure colors and place a logo (by administrator)

  • Show reports

  • Filter/sort

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