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Release 5.0.221 // 30 March 2019
Release 5.0.221 // 30 March 2019

Switch off new record creation from left menu | Seamless for mobile: added email creation

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. #keepimprovingtherecruiterexperience

Switch off 'new (+) option' for the left menu

For various reasons we got more often the question to have the option to switch off file creation from the left menu. From release 221 it is possible to switch off this option.

How to switch off new file creation from the left menu:

  • As a system administrator go to your general settings

  • Look for the setting denyFileCreationFromTheLeftMenu

  • You will find a list of all menu items that have the create new option available in the left menu. Look for the entity or entities you want to switch off and tick its box. 

  • A relogin is needed to let the changes take effect

Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 30-03-2019: 

Added the possibility to create emails.

From this new release its possible to create emails in Seamless for Mobile according to your user role permissions. To read more about how, read this article in our help center.

Smaller Seamless Improvements:

Open Activity details from Activities tab. Activities already were visible on other entities' activities tab. However it was not yet possible to open them and view their details from that activities tab. From this release it is possible to open the activity details on any activities tab. 

No comfirmation box will be shown for empty activity forms. In Task or Email creation form the user will not be shown a dialogue box asking for confirmation to save or delete the activity in case none of the fields have a non-default input.

Smaller updates & bug fixes Carerix 5

  • solved an issue that occasionally caused a wrong fee to be used for invoicing

  • solved an issue causing the user not to be able anymore to open matches from tabs in the job order or candidate

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