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Release 5.0.233 // 14 September 2019
Release 5.0.233 // 14 September 2019

Seamless updates: add existing attachments to emails & Create notes in notes fields in detail screens | Carerix 5: Restyled dashboards!

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We are happy to share this latest Carerix release. 


Carerix Seamless for Mobile Updates per 14-09-2019:

Create a note in the notes field of a detail page

This change enables you to quickly add a note in the dedicated notes field in the detail page of any entity available in Seamless. Quickly write down your thoughts on the last conversation you had with a candidate. Creating a note will automatically add a timestamp and your user credentials as you know from your Carerix desktop application.

Creating a note is possible by clicking on the 'meatball' menu icon on top or by clicking the '+' icon on top of the notes field. Easy as you go!

Select existing attachments linked to records for emails

In Seamless it now becomes possible to see all related attachments when you create an email or edit a draft. By clicking on the paper clip on top or the 'Attachments' line on the bottom of the page you get to see a list of available attachments. Like you are used in the Carerix desktop application.

Small improvements & bugfixes for Seamless for Mobile:

  • Improved the meeting from/to time validation conditions 

  • Added the possibility to move your activities to the trashfolder 

  • Fixed several issues on performance and app lay-out

Carerix 5 updates

Disable the 'NEW' buttons in entity overviews

In order to better control the way your users can create new files it now is possible to generically turn off the new buttons in the overviews. This can be done per entity. So for example its possible to leave the button visible for companies and contacts, while switching it off for candidates.

How can you do this?

  1. Go to your system settings in the general panel.

  2. Find the setting denyNewButtonCreation, here the list of entities will be displayed

  3. Tick the boxes for those entities you want the new button to be disabled

  4. Buy default no boxes will be checked and the 'NEW' buttons remain visible

Carerix 5 dashboards restyled

The following dashboards got a new styling and look and feel:

  • My Dashboard / CX5 Dashboard

  • Opportunities Dashboard

  • Time-to-hire-all-stages

  • Match overview per company

If you are already running these dashboards, the change will apply automatically. There is no change in functionality or data displayed. 

Note: updated dashboards are not yet available in the library. They will be added upon the next release in two weeks time.

Other small improvements or issues resolved 

  • Job order deadline can no longer be set prior to the creation date of the job order. Users will be forced to change the deadline date before being able to save the change. This only applies after enabling the setting (YES) isDeadlineRestrictedToCreationDate in the settings menu, attributes & fields panel.

  • fixed issues in the search filter for company status showing 'wrong' statuses

  • added candidate.age and candidate.firstName as search options in match overviews and tabs

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