The Inbox as opening screen

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Go to 'Document-tab'

  • Search for "Dashboard Consultant"

  • Click on the Document template "Dashboard Consultant", it will open.

  • Go to block 'Template', field 'Code', "STARTUP", make field empty

  • Go to block 'Settings'

  • Settings, checkbox "Open in main window" must be empty (0)

  • Click on [save]

  • Re-login, now you will see the Inbox will be shown as Opening screen

Setting another Dashboard as opening screen 

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'

  • Go to 'Document-tab'

  • Click on the "Dashboard Cx5", or any other dashboard, it will open the document-template

  • Go to block 'Template', field 'Code', enter "STARTUP" (capitals)

  • Go to block 'Settings', checkbox "Open in main window" must be checked (1)

  • Available for, check which User role will get this Opening screen

  • Click [Save]

  • Re-login

Can you use all Documents Templates form Library as opening screen?

It's not possible to use all available Documents-Templates in the opening screen. Some templates will leave the opening screen blank or produce a error.
Please contact our Customer Success Team for more information, they can build/adjust a Dashboard that will be eligible for the opening screen.

Read article: Install a Dashboard

Keywords: UD-2837

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