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The last publication date is a field in the Publication file, which your web builder can use to filter Publications from overviews on your website.
This, to make sure that non-valid Publications do not show in the recent Job orders on your website.

Set the expiry time to let your Publication expire after a while. There are 3 ways to set this:

  • Globally, valid for all Publications

  • By individual medium.

  • By individual Publication.

Only the Administrator can set the last publication date globally and in a medium.


By medium

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | Media

  • Open the desired medium

  • Fill out  "Publication period" :
    A number (E.g. "2")
    A period (hours/days/weeks/months)

  • Click [Save]


  • Go to 'Maintenance' | Settings'

  • Go to the panel 'Attributes and fields'

  • Fill out the field "PublicationPeriod" as follows: "<number><period>", e.g.: 2months
    Do not put a space between number and period.
    Choose one of the following periods: days, weeks or months.

  • Click [Save]

Old publications are still found through Google

The Publication has been deleted/the last publication date has passed a while ago, but the Publication can still be found on the website. A reason could be that the last publication date is not a parameter for the website to look at, to determine whether or not this Publication should be taken off the website.
Depending on the setup of the API link with the website, Publications that have expired can still be picked up by and thus also still be indexed by e.g. Google. Therefore, ask your web builder to build in a verification, that shows the visitor of the website a message that the Job order is not active anymore.


  • The setting 'publicationPeriod' is normally set to a value of 1 month

  • The period at the medium has priority over the global period. If the period field in the medium is empty, the global period is taken

  • There are possibilities to influence the indexation behavior of search engines (in order to prevent old Publications from being indexed). Ask your web builder about the possibilities

Keywords : UD-1781

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