In certain cases it can occur that Carerix is slow, or doesn't respond at all. This can have several causes. To figure out what the problem is, walk through the following steps.

Slow computer

Is your computer slow with everything that you do (also with other applications)

  • For example: you type in a text box and the letters appear much later.


  • Your computer is too slow, or you run too much programs at the same time (also think about anti-virus and anti-malware)

  • Are you using a Terminal server environment (also known as Citrix Metaframe). It could be that the load on the server is too high.


  • Contact your system Administrator

Slow internet connection

  • Your computer reacts fast enough, but the internet pages don't load.

  • You get a message that the page can not be displayed. 


Carerix is slow

If your computer and internet connection are not the problem, Carerix might be slow.
Please check-out our Status page, when no message out to befound here about a slow Carerix connection then let us know at what time you experienced the delay and the user account that experienced the delay so we can check our log-files.

Carerix does not react

  • You get the following message: "Did not receive any response from application"
    Action: Report this immediately to the helpdesk.
    This looks like a problem in Carerix.

  • You get the following message: "No error"
    Action: Try again after a minute, if the message stays, report this immediately to the helpdesk. This looks like a problem in Carerix.

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