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Change default values for job order
Change default values for job order

How to change the default values for your job orders

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When you create a job order, some fields are automatically filled in.

List values

Procedure, function group / function and other lists get their values based upon the tables: The value that is marked with "Default" are shown in the lists.
The Administrator can set this at 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'.

Publication text

Several fields on the job order tab 'Publication text' can have a default value. These fields are automatically filled in when you create a publication at a job order. These fields are based upon the settings that can be found at

  • 'Maintenance' | 'Settings' | 'Attributes and fields'.

The specific fields are:
Settings - Determines attribute - "Screen name"
vacancyInformationField - vacancyInformation - "Information"
vacancyApplicationField - applicationContactInformation - "Applications"
vacancyOfferField - offerInformation - "Offer"
vacancyOrganisationField - companyInformation -"Organisation/Department"

Every field can contain CxScript code to let the text vary based upon the job order, for 


For more information, please contact <cx:write value="$vacancy.owner.informalName"/> 
Phone: <cx:write value="$vacancy.owner.phoneNumberBusiness"/>

With the code above, the name and phone number from the owner of the job order are automatically adopted. Contact our Customer Success Team for an offer.
Keywords : UD-1903

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