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You use CxScript to let Carerix show information from your Database in Templates

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You use CxScript to let Carerix show information from your database in templates.

Next to the CxScript functions, does the manual also contain every available CxScript objects and fields.

For example: Using the following CxScript code gives you the job title of a vacancy.

<cx:write value="$activity.toVacancy.jobTitle" />

  • $activity.owner: Recruiter that opens the template

  • $activity.toEmployee: Candidate

  • $activity.toVacancy: Job order

  • $activity.toContact: Contact

  • $activity.toCompany: Company

  • $activity.toJob: Placement

  • $activity.toToDo: Task


  • The CxScript manual is only available for Administrators.

  • When using CxScript, knowledge of programming is desirable.

  • Know that the data of objects (candidates, job orders, ...) is only available if they are in the context of the template. 

For changing and/or creating templates you need to have knowledge about;

  • HTML

  • Program statements

  • Cx codes

  • Error messages

  • Use of a FTP server. 

Carerix doesn't give trainings on how to create/change Templates. 


The single record templates can only contain 1 file. A multi record template on the other hand can contain a selection of files. In a multi record template you start with creating a list.
<cx:foreach item="record" list"$activity.selectedItems">
... $record will show you every value of the list
You can find the multi record templates under the "Send list" action in every overview.


For more CxScript tips, click here.

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