The translation of texts in Carerix

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It is possible to translate the texts you see in Carerix. 

For example: The default menu looks like this:


  • Matches

  • Candidates

  • Talentpools

  • Leads

  • Opportunities

  • Job orders

  • Contacts

  • Companies

  • Publications

  • Placements

You prefer the name "Colleagues" instead of Candidates" It is possible to change this, however you need to make sure that the translation module is activated in your Carerix application.
To activate this module you'll need to contact your Account manager.


To change "Candidates" into "Colleagues", follow these steps:

  • Log in as Administrator

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Translations'

  • Go to the tab "Default" 

  • Search for "Candidates"

  • Select the first item you see

  • Click [Copy]

  • Change the text

  • Save the changes

Repeat the steps above for all the items where you see "Candidates". 

When you re-login you see that "Candidates" is changed to "Colleagues"

Keywords: UD-1850

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