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Carerix Seamless for Mobile - Contacts

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In the Contact menu one can find all Contacts of your database that you have permissions for.

The Seamless overview shows the first 100 Contacts according to your sorting and possible search filter. By default Seamless sorts files by modification date, so you always will see the files you or one of your peers have/has worked on recently on top. If the Contact you are looking for is not in the list, you should narrow down your filter and/or change sorting. This can be done through adjusting the filters on top or to use the quick search to look for a specific Contact for example.

In the overview list one can see the Contacts surname and first name and its status. The avatar in front of the Contacts name will show the picture of the Contact if available. If there is no picture available, the first letter of the Company name will be displayed on a colored background. This color is derived from the color of the Contact's status.

Clicking on a panel - but not the Contact's name itself - or the down warded arrow on the right side will open a small preview pane showing the Company the Contact belongs to, the Contact's owner, its language, job title and work email address.

Clicking on the name of the Contact itself will open the Contact's details where more detailed information of the Contact can be viewed. Information is only visible if there is any data available for the field you are looking for. So if a Contact has no phone number or email address set, those fields are not shown in Seamless for mobile. Once data is added in Carerix, the information will also show up in the mobile application.

For the sake of the user experience and interaction design Seamless strives to use as less as possible tabs. However, to keep screens lean and mean we still have some tabs to toggle between different types of related data.

For the Contact you will find the following tabs:

  • Details - lists all supported data fields (see below) in case they contain any data

  • Job orders - lists all job orders related to the Contact. Clicking a Job order will open the detail of the Job order.

  • Talentpools - lists all Talentpools the Contact relates to. Clicking on a Talentpool will open the Talentpool details.

  • Activities - lists all linked activities

  • Uploads - lists all uploaded attachments linked to this Job order. They can be downloaded/viewed from your mobile device if the type of attachment is supported.

The following fields of the contact file are supported in Carerix Seamless for Mobile (January 2019):

  • Relationships with companies: <Role> in <Company>

  • Personal: Gender

  • Personal: Date of birth

  • Personal: Salutation type

  • Personal: Language

  • Owner

  • Creation date

  • Created by

  • Modification date

  • Modified by

  • Contact details: Last contacted

  • Contact details: Phone

  • Contact details: Mobile

  • Contact details: Fax

  • Contact details: Work phone

  • Contact details: Work mobile

  • Contact details: Work fax

  • Contact details: Email

  • Contact details: Work email

  • Contact details: URLs

  • Contact details: Notes

  • Function: Function

  • Function: Job title

  • Function: Department

  • Function: Description

  • Function: Source

  • Function: Comment

  • Addresses: Visit address

  • Addresses: Mailing address

  • Additional fields: All types of additional information fields are supported in Seamless, however they will be grouped in an additional info panel.

  • Owner

  • Creation date

  • Created by

  • Modification date

Seamless is focussed on the recruiter on the go and therefore offers only limited functionality and information. Its - for the biggest part - a read-only application and it supports user role permissions as defined in your main Carerix 5 settings. Important to understand is that configuration profiles are not implemented. Fields that are hidden in Carerix 5 by means of configuration profiles are visible in Seamless, given the field contains data. At this point its not possible to have Carerix 5 configuration profiles applied in Seamless.

Keywords : UD-2755

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