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Not able to change Stage
Not able to change Stage


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In Carerix, you work with matches and you have a list of matches that need to be changed from one stage to another at once. However, the desired stage is not available in the list.


Sometimes it is not possible to set the right stage of a match.

Reason 1: No next stage

For every match stage you can set what stages can be the possible next stages.


Stage A can go to Stage B. Stage B can go to C.

If you have a list of 3 matches, with stages A, B and B and the whole list is set to stage C, Carerix will give a notification that you don't have the right permissions. 

Exception: Administrator

The Administrator can always set the stage to the desired stage, even if it is not a possible next stage. This way, the administrator is always able to "reset" the stage to the begin stage. 

Reason 2: Stage does not belong to procedure

Stages can be linked to certain procedures (recruitment and selection (R&S), project posting) 

For example, Stage C belongs to R&S.
If you have a list of matches on different job orders, and two of those are R&S and the others are project posting.
If you want to set the whole list to stage C, Carerix will give a notification that the stage not belongs to the procedure.

Reason 3: Insufficient permissions

With the use of user roles it is possible to set if users can change Matches.
When you don't have the right permissions, you can not change the Stage.


  1. Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Stages'

  2. Check at the old stage ("A" in our example) if the new stage is mentioned as possible next stage.

  3. Check if the new stage belongs to the procedure of the concerning job order.

Reason 4: The stage was created recently

If certain cases it can occur that you just created a stage, but that the stage does not show in the overview. 

You can solve this by deleting temporary files.

Keywords : UD-256

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