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Contacts with multiple companies
Contacts with multiple companies
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A Contact is linked with a Company. A contact can work at multiple companies.

Where is the relation between Contacts and Companies visible?

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Contacts'

  • Open a Contact, General-tab

  • Go to block 'Relationships with companies'

Status contacts working / no longer working for every company. 

A contact has a status working or no longer working. A contact person cannot have a status "working for" company A and a status "no longer working" for company B.
To indicate that difference, you use the "role".
Extra roles needs to be made under 'Relationships with companies'

  1. Go to 'Maintanance' | 'Tables'

  2. Go to the table "Contact relationship"

  3. Click on the button [New]

  4. Enter at English: "ex-cp, no longer working"

  5. Choose Kind of relationship: "CannotBeSelectedTag"

  6. Choose Save

Login again to see the extra role. 

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