You have multiple applicants on one job order (matches) and you want to send one e-mail to reject some of them. To do this you need to install a 'reject' e-mail template. 


Install template (one time only)

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Templates'
  • Go to the "E-mail-tab"
  • Click [Library]
  • Search the reject e-mail that you use at the Match stage
  • Open the template
  • Click [Copy]
  • Change the name of the template (for example reject multiple candidates).
  • Make sure the template is "visible at Matches"
  • At "Link to" select candidate
  • Click [Save] and relogin to see the changes

Reject multiple candidates

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Job orders'
  • Open a job order (with matches)
  • Go to the tab "Matches"
  • Select the candidates that you want to reject
  • Click "Select E-mail" and generate the e-mails

Change the stage of the candidates

  • Select the candidates
  • Select the stage (at the bottom)
  • Click [OK]


  • When using this procedure, you must change the match stage manually
  • We do not recommend this method, because the message is not linked to the match.
    The message is linked to the candidate only.

Keywords : UD-253

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