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Activities on Activities-tab
Activities on Activities-tab

Which activities are visible on the activities-tab?

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In Carerix, e-mails, meetings, tasks and notes are all called activities.
An activity overview will give you a good view on the contact history with a candidate or contact. In almost every file you will find a tab 'Activities'. With this tab you can see in one glance all the activities that are in relation with the concerning file.

To understand which activities you'll find in every file, see the overview below. There are choices made for every file for what activities are visible. The objective of these choices was to only show activities that are in direct relation with the file. This is why you won't find activities related to a candidate, under the contact's activities.
The rule is that the person has to relate directly to the activity. 


The main rule is that under the tab activities, you'll see every activity (e-mails, meetings, tasks and notes) that was created from the file. In the following files you will also see the next Activities:

Every e-mails, meetings, tasks en notes from all the related contacts.
All activities that are made in linked job orders and the related matches and placements.
Job order:
All activities that are made at the job order and the related matches and placements.
All meetings, notes and tasks that are made in linked matches and all meetings that are made in the matches related placements.


Every e-mail that is seen as a reaction on another e-mail, will be visible at the same places. With other words: you'll find the whole conversation back on the same activities tab.


Of course it is possible that you want to see a certain activity somewhere else.
In that case you need to link the activity with the button [link...].

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