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Creating and working with MailChimp Campaign

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Lets assume you already have activated MailChimp integration and prepared MailChimp-type Carerix Campaign. Before you can start creating and sending or scheduling your MailChimp campaign, there's one more step to be done called Initialization.
If you have already initialization step done, you can go straight to Creating, sending or scheduling of MailChimp campaign section down below. 

The initialization flow is following.

  1. Open Prepared MailChimp-type Carerix Campaign details, and go to tab 'MailChimp'. If that’s the first time you work with MailChimp-type Carerix Campaign using this tab or you've never completed Initialization step before, you’ll be prompted to enter MailChimp API Key.

  2. If Initialization step was not completed, the tab shows Initialize screen. Here you must provide your MailChimp API Key. In case you don’t know where to get it, there’s a helping link that will open popup with instructions. Note: You have to be logged in to your MailChimp account in the browser you use to see these helping instructions, otherwise you'll see MailChimp login screen.

  3. Once you enter the MailChimp API Key and hit ‘Submit’, Initialization is started by CxMailChimp MicroService. Steps for Initialization are following: Provided MailChimp API is validated. If it's not correct or has invalid permissions, Initialization stops. CxMailChimp MicroService creates MailChimp list, that will contain recipients, created from Carerix. We'll refer to this list as 'Carerix Users MailChimp Master List'. Carerix Users MailChimp Master List is filled with default data.Several Merge Fields are created in this list: Owner Name, Owner Email, Last Name PrefixAfter all these were created, Initialization is considered complete and you will be able to use integrated MailChimp functionality

As you can see, Initialization procedure includes creating user list in you MailChimp account named 'Carerix Users' and several Merge Fields(Owner name, Owner email, Last Name Prefix) in this list. 

You can find your 'Carerix Users' list in your account by opening the following url

Note: Creating a list in MailChimp requires several mandatory fields to be provided, so they’re filled with default Carerix-specified data. These include ‘List name and defaults’ and ‘Required email footer content’ in List details. Please, change data in following locations to improve your users’ experience.

Please, note that all of these values for user list is created automatically, and it's critical to update information with actual data. 

Changing forms

A lot of predefined forms are already in place in MailChimp, that become available as soon as you initialize MailChimp for Carerix. Those forms include subscribe/unsubscribe/update preferences forms etc. Initially, they're filled with default data and have default appearance, which is not desirable for good user experience. 

Every set of forms is related to single users list. That means if you want to change something in forms that you deal with using Carerix, you have to start at 'Carerix Users' list. 

To change forms do following:

  • Navigate to Lists page in MailChimp (, find your 'Carerix Users' list,click drop-down and select "Signup forms"

  • Click on "General forms" as it's the base set of forms that we want to customize

  • Now, you have to see an editor with dropdown at a top. This dropdown contains every form or response email that can be customized. Let's select 'Unsubscribe form' for example.

  • After you've selected needed form it's uploaded to editor, where you can customize it. By default, unsubscribe form has list name on top of it, which is 'Carerix Users' for our master list. It's not desirable to show that, so you can just hover over this list title and then pick up any action you want to do with it: edit, remove, or use image instead of text, like your company logo.

  • After you've made changes, they're save automatically, which is indicated by blue popup in the bottom of the screen.For example from this moment, users will receive links on updated forms, while older links, if there were any, will still show previous version.

  • In case you made changes that you want to undo completely, you can use 'Reset defaults' button in the bottom of the page below the editor. Clicking that button will show prompt, describing all effects of reset. So be careful and do this only if you're 100% sure that reset is needed.

Merge tags

During initialization process, two merge tags are created in Carerix Users list for you: owner name and owner email. By default, MailChimp list already has two merge tags: First name and Last name. 

You can see available merge tags list in your MailChimp account. Go to Lists -> Carerix Users -> Settings -> List fields and *|MERGE|* tags

Every subscriber that's added to this list will have specific values for those fields. These fields are updated every time a Candidate or Contact is processed by 'Create and send/schedule' procedure. That means before every campaign is sent, all needed subscribers will be updated with their actual information.

To customize your campaign, type these merge tags in 'subject' or 'from name' fields, when creating a campaign (or use them in template body, when you create a template in MailChimp) 

When your campaign is sent, these *|FNAME|* and *|OWNERNAME|* values will be substituted per each subscriber, making your email personalized:

Available merge tags:

*|FNAME|* - Contact/Candidate first name

*|LNAME|* - Contact/Candidate last name

*|LNAMEPREF|* - Contact/Candidate last name prefix

*|OWNERNAME|* - Contact/Candidate's owner full name

*|OWNEREMAIL|* - Contact/Candidate's owner email

More information on merge tags in MailChimp read the article: Start working with CxMailChimp

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