Where do you find the Reports?

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  • Go to the right uppercorner on the screen
    Here you wil find the [Reports] button 

Reports module possibilities

  • Create a report about a time period

  • Create a report about a subject.

Available Reports in the Library

The Administrator is able to install Reports from the Templates - Library

  • Go to 'Maintanance' | 'Templates'

  • Go to 'Document-tab'

  • Click [Library...], the 'Document templates library' will open
    - Scroll down to block 'Reports'
      Here you will find a list of all free available Reports
    - Find the Report you would like to use in your application, click on the [Install] button on the right.

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Need a customized Report?

When you need a new customized Report template, one that's not in the available in the Library then please contact your Account Manager. He/she will be happy to give your more information.

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