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Print tasks, notes, meetings and e-mails

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You want to print an overview of certain Activities, for example Tasks, Notes, Meetings and E-mails


The method below assumes that the document template "Overview activities" is installed. The Administrator is able to install the template from the document template library. 

  • Click in the menu 'Activities' the activity that you want to print

  • Make a selection and click [choose Report] "Overview activities"

  • Print or show the overview

Tip: if you select nothing, every activity is included.


You want an overview of al the phone interviews in your calendar. In the example below we assume that you have "phone interview" in the table "type meeting". 

  • Click 'Activities' | 'Calendar'

  • Go to the "All meetings" tab

  • Use the following filter function:
    Type is equal to "phone interview"
    Creation date is on or after $currentdate

  • Click [Filter]

  • Click [Choose report], and choose "Overview activities"

Keywords : UD-1820

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