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How to convert timesheets automatically to convert to invoice lines

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Invoice lines are automatically generated by timesheets or created manually.
This page describes how to let timesheets automatically to convert to a invoice line.


  • Click 'Financial' | 'Invoice lines'

  • Click 'New'

  • Click 'Create invoice lines'

  • Select the desired timesheets

  • Click [Finish]


  • The timesheet needs to be approved, otherwise the timesheet isn't invoiceable.

  • Timesheets that cannot be invoiced yet because the invoicing period isn't complete get the status "Invoicing".
    These will be turned into invoice lines only after the invoicing period is complete

  • Timesheets for a fee that cannot be invoiced get the status "Not invoicable". No invoice line will be created.

The menu item "Invoices" offers "Create invoices" which starts as above and has a second step to create convert invoice lines to invoices.

Keywords: UD-2446

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