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Create invoices with Carerix.
This option is not available in the default version. 


Create invoice

  • Go to 'Financial' | 'Invoices'

  • Click on [New]

  • Select one or multiple timesheets

  • Click on [Create invoice lines] and [Next]

  • Select one or multiple invoice lines and click [Finish]

The invoices are now under the tab 'Concept'.

Definite invoice

  • Go to 'Financial' | 'Invoices'

  • Go to the tab 'Definite'

  • Select one or multiple invoices
    - Click 'Print' if you want to send the invoice with the mail
    - Choose 'E-mail copy invoice' to send the e-mail by e-mail (the template "Invoice copy (PDF)" and/or "Invoice copy (.html) needs to be installed from the library)"

  • Set the status to 'Sent'

The invoice is now under the tab 'Sent'.

  • Go to 'Financial' | 'Invoices'

  • Go to the 'Sent-tab'

  • Select one or multiple invoices

  • Select at action 'Set paid'

The invoice is now under the 'Paid-tab'

Invoice numbering

An invoice number is a increasing number (from 1 to 9999999). Start every first of January with a new series of invoice numbers by using the following method: The starting number of the first invoice of the year needs to start with the year (for example 20110001). The next invoice will automatically get the following number (so 20110002). This is the method:

  • Select the concept invoice that you want to make definite.

  • 'Choose action' - 'set definite' - [OK]

  • Next you get the possibility to change the invoice date and the starting number.

  • Fill at the number the year in, followed by 0001.


  • When a invoice is set to definite, then you can't change it anymore.
    More information at the page: credit invoice

Keywords: UD-1726

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