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Notification candidate file changed
Notification candidate file changed
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As from release 4.6 is a default notification sent if a Candidate file has changed. 


An email message will be sent based on a email template with the code CANDADMIN when the Candidate's data on the general tab is changed.

In the changed file, on the admin tab, the following text is added:

Follow the instructions in the message to carry out the changes.

The following fields on the Details tab of candidate ... with number ... are updated: 

Open the candidate file, and take the appropriate actions. After that, update the data on the Admin tab.

Note: The changes on the admin tab are automatically transferred to the basic tab. No notification will be shown.

Turning the notification off

The notification can be turned off by:

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings'

  • Go to the panel 'Attributes and Fields'

  • Change the field "notifyEmployeeAdmin" to the value NO

  • Save the changes by clicking [Save]

Keywords : UD-1812

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