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Store interview report in Carerix
Store interview report in Carerix

How to add interview notes to your Candidate file

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You had a candidate on interview and you want to add the notes of the interview to Carerix.

Option 1: Notes report at Candidate

Add a Note of the type interview to the kandidate file.

The Administrator first needs to create a note type "Interview report" in the table "Type note" 

  • Go to "Maintenance" 

  • Go to "Tables"

  • Use Search lines "Table' is equal to  "Type note"

Add the report

  1. Open the Candidate file

  2. In the Candidate file, go to the tab 'Activities' and click [New]

  3. Choose as kind: Note, and at Type note: 'Interview report'

  4. Give the Note a Subject and fill in the rest of the report


  • Notes will be stored as Activities by a Candidates.

Optie 2: Evaluation tab Candidate

The tab 'Evaluation' has the purpose to store notes concerning the Candidate. The Administrator can create certain fields to store the information in the Table 'Evaluation candidate'

  • Go to "Maintenance"

  • Go to "Tables"

  • Table 'Evaluation candidate'

In this case, the Administrator needs to create the field "Interview report"

If the Administrator has created the field, the notes can be stored. This is the method:

  1. Open the Candidate file

  2. Click on the tab "Evaluation"

  3. Fill in the Interview report

  4. Click [Save] to save your changes.


  • You can store the report of the interview at the Match-file using the same method.

  • If the tab 'Evaluation' isn't visible, ask the Administrator to create an evaluation field in the Table 'Evaluation match'

  • Evaluation fields can be found with the searchline
    'Evaluation'| 'contains' | ...

Option 3: Microsoft Word document as attachment to a candidate

You have a Microsoft Word document and you want to add this document tot the Candidate.

The Administrator needs to create a 'document type of attachment' (for example Interview report). T
he administrator can create it at "Maintenance" - "Tables"

There after:

  1. Open the Candidate file

  2. Click the tab 'Attachments'

  3. Upload the document and give it the type 'Interview report'

  4. Give the document a Description if you want, this is optional

  5. Click [Add] -> the document is now added as attachment


  • You can't search on words in the report if you use this option.

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