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Availability of candidates
Availability of candidates
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The Calculated date is only available in the Staffing edition.

Shows :
Standard the "End date" of the placement of the candidate (last end date, when a candidate has more then one placements, if a placement has no end-date then the "Start date" + 1 year will be used)

- - or - -

The manually entered "Other availability date:", when this date is after then the entered "End date"


  • Select/open a placed Candidate 

  • Go to "General"-tab

  • Scroll down to block "Labour conditions"

  • Enter a date into "Other availability date:

First date available - Candidate Overview

While searching a Candidate for a joborder you will find the availabilty in the column "First date available" in the candidate overview
The colored square in this column displays the urgency of the availability.

  • Red:
    Candidate is directly available

  • Orange:
    he candidate is within a month available

  • Yellow:
    The candidate is available within a month, but has lower priority

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