The Document templates module offers the following possibilities:

  • Create new templates
  • Manage templates

There are templates for Documents, Reports and Lists.
Used templates are active, unused templates that are put on inactive.
Install a template from the Template Library

The numbers in the image correspond with the following options:

  1. New; create a new template
  2. Library; a new screen opens with a list of all the templates
  3. Search on name of the template; type the (part of the) name of the template
  4. Search on URL; type the URL of the template
  5. Search on visible (yes/no)
  6. Search on Multi record (yes/no)
  7. Search on Print (yes/no)
  8. Search on System (yes/no)
  9. Search on entity; select from drop-down menu
  10. Search on code
  11. Search on number
  12. View and edit a template by clicking on it

Keywords: UD-567

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