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Carerix contains two libraries. One library containing pre-defined email templates. The other library contains pre-defined document templates.
To use an email template or document template, you have to install it from the library. After installation the template is activated in the template list.


Follow these steps to install an email template (e.g. the template used by the Portal to re-send a candidate his password).

  • Login as Administrator.

  • Click Templates under Maintenance in the menu on the left.

  • Click Library at the top of the screen.

  • Scroll down to template: SYS: Password Forgotten (candidate)

  • Click Install on the right.

  • Install any other templates you want to use.

  • Click [Close Window].

To see the template in the Template Overview:

  • Logout and back in again

  • Click Templates under Maintenance in the Menu on the left.

Inside the template you have to manually determine to which activity the template has to be linked.

Important: After installing a template, make sure you rename it, otherwise you will overwrite your (possibly modified) template when you reinstall it from the library. You rename the template when you click on it in the template list (in "Email templates" or "Document templates"). 

Document Templates are also available in a library, click Document Templates under Maintenance in the Menu on the left, then click Library.

Templates are customizable after installation. The default template is always available in the library, you reinstall it if you don't want to go back to the original template.
Click here for more information.

An email template from the library always has the Carerix email address (<loginname>@<companyname>.mail.carerix.net) set as sender.
Click here for instructions on how to Use your own email address as sender.

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