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Table Candidate: Term (of legal ground)
Table Candidate: Term (of legal ground)

GDPR Set up your own terms & define your system default

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Different organisations, different processes and different periods of time (terms) to be applied. To further adjust your GDPR flow(s) in Carerix it is possible to change the terms that you apply.

In this article we explain how you can add new terms for legal grounds/consent and how you can define the default.

Hint: use triggers to connect different legal grounds with their respective terms. This automates the setting of the correct term when the legal ground is changed.


  • Open the Carerix application

  • Go to ' Maintenance" | 'Tables'

  • Make sure the search line contains: "Table" | "is equal to" | ...

  • Use the [magnifier glass] button

  • Type 'Consent',  choose "Consent Period"

  • Click [Add] 

  • Click [Filter] to start the filter

  • You will see a list as below

Now one has several options: 

  • set a default term;

  • add a new term; or 

  • change an existing one

To change the default Term

  • Click on the desired period and open it 

  • Check the "Default checkbox"

  • Click on "Save", to set the new default Term. This will be the default set for every new candidate that is created.

To create a new item

Is your desired term not yet available? Simply create a new item.

  • Open an existing table item

  • Click on the button + New Item

  • Check that Table name is 'Term' and checkbox 'active' is ticked

  • If applicable set 'default'

  • Fill out the fields for the applicable translations - this is how the table item shows up in the system for every particular language

  • Make sure the index (for every language is correct) - this defines the order of appearance in the table drop down.

  • Choose the appropriate consentperiodclass if your webbuilder needs a reference

  • Fill out the period field with the corresponding period for proper calculation of expiration dates.

Applying a period to calculate the expiration date

A special reference here is made to the 'Period field' for the Term (of legal ground) table. The Period field defines the calculation of the expiration date of the legal ground (most often consent). It is very important for the functioning of your GDPR/consent process in Carerix, that the setup is done correctly.

  • Fill out the period field with the corresponding period: 1day, 2weeks, 3months, 4years or any other variant. Use 'infinity' if the period is indefinite. Note: In any system language this should be done in English at all times. Using other languages or formats may result in errors!

  • Correct is: '2days', '3weeks', '4months', '1year'

  • Wrong is: '2jours' / '2 jours' / '2 days' / 2dagen etc.

To change an existing item

To change an existing item simply open one from the list and apply the changes you intend. Use the above list of steps to check the options.

Keywords : UD-1960

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