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Administrator: How to show what tables and items are installed in your application

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The instructions in this article are only executable for the Administrator. You would like to know the items with which the tables in your application are filled.
In the Library there are 3 Reports which show Tables and Items in Excel.
You would use this file when you want to research and/or improve your current configuration. The use of this excel file will save you a lot of clicking.

In the Google spreadsheet below is included a list with the most common tables. There is also a top 35 indicated with the most important Tables which Carerix advises to at least configure.
Click here to see the sheet with the overview of tables.


  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Tables'

  • Choose 'Report Active Tables'

Maximum 2000 records

Carerix shows a maximum if 2000 records in an Excel.
When the Report does not end with the Z, then you have more than 2000 records. You need to change the view temporarily.
The maximum items to be generated is normally set to 2000. This is done to prevent a time-out when viewing a Report with more then 2000 records.
Be sure to change it back to normal.

Take the following steps:

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Settings'

  • Go to the block 'General', field "bulkFetchLimit"' and edit the viewable records from 2000 to for example 3000

  • Click on [Save]

  • Generate the Report again

  • Is the Report correct? Don't forget to set the viewable records back to the 'safe' number of 2000 at "bulkFetchLimit"


  • De-activate the Tables you are not using in your Branch.
    Most of the time this is only applicable to Function0 and Function1, Education and Skills. If you only recruit IT-professionals, then the Financial and other group have to be de-activated.

  • Generate the Report again

  • If the Report is not available, install it from the Library. Search with Ctrl+F in the Library for "Active Tables". This is how you can easily find the Report you need to install.

  • Would you like to see the standard configuration Excel according to the Carerix method, and as Carerix is delivered?
    Please contact your account manager for your free copy.

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