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E-mail synchronisation with Google/Gmail 2-Step authentication
E-mail synchronisation with Google/Gmail 2-Step authentication

How to configure Carerix with the Google / Gmail 2-Step authentication

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Carerix email synchronisation can synchronize with Google / Gmail while Google 2-step verification is enabled. Here's how to configure Google and Carerix to enable this.

Enable 2-Step Verification in Google

Go to this page: (login required) and follow the Google instructions to enable 2-step verification for your account.

If you have a Google Suite account, please contact your administrator if you are unable to configure 2-step verification.

Generate a password for your Carerix application

In your Google account, you need to generate an 'app password' that will specifically be used for the email synchronization between Carerix and Google. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Go to this page: (login required)

  • In the screen that appears (see below) in the 'Select app' dropdown, choose 'Other (Custom name)', and fill in 'Carerix'.

  • Press 'generate'

The next screen appears (see below). Copy the password from the yellow box:

Your Google account is now ready. Next, configure the email synchronization in your Carerix application.

Configure IMAP synchronization in Carerix

  • Fill in the yellow fields as indicated below.

  • Paste your password from the step above, in the password field below.

  • Press 'Edit folders' to verify your information and map the Carerix email folders to your Google email folders.

  • Save your settings. Your email synchronization is now configured.

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