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Release 5.0.196 // 13 April 2018
Release 5.0.196 // 13 April 2018

GDPR, consent history, consent indicator

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This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature release. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

GDPR update #8

To help notify you about the current consent status we added visuals to the candidate and match record. This will help you work faster with the right candidates or when working with candidates on a day to day basis.

To have a clear view who changed the consent related fields in a candidate record we added a report to show these changes. The Carerix admin can activate the report called "Candidate consent history" in the email template library.

It shows the logging of all historical changes when you open this in a Candidate record.

We received valuable feedback during the pilot. Our goal is to improve the functionality and to Go live for all customers in next release.
Asking and extending candidate consent can be a time consuming task. That's why we added email templates to our email library for you to make this job easier. Ask your Carerix administrator to activate them and adjust them to your needs.

Candidate clicks Yes or No and it will automatically update candidate consent status in your Carerix platform.
This feature is in pilot, email if you want to join.

Smaller improvements

  • Sorting on Consent Status column in the candidate list will also show empty Consent Status

  • Improved merging Candidates for Consent fields:
    Case A: candidate 1 has values + candidate 2 has no values = values from candidate 1
    Case B: candidate 1 has no values + candidate 2 has values = Values from candidate 2
    Case C: candidate 1 has values + candidate 2 has values = Values from candidate 2

  • Consent email link works when candidate is also a contact

  • Setting a default Consent Status in Maintenance ->Tables will be used now when creating a new candidate

  • Added 10 more customers to run on Java/Elasticsearch

  • It's possible to switch off Candidate quick parsing. Go to Maintenance -> Settings -> Extractor -> set enableQuickCVParsing = "NO"

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