This page contains information on the creation and maintenance of User roles.
Only the Administrator is allowed to access the User Role Settings.

Note: It is very important to never remove or edit the standard role of Administrator.


  • Click 'Management' | 'User Roles'
  • Click [New], to create a new User role
    Select Basic User role
    (This is an indication of the default values for this role)
    Fill-in a suitable Name and Description.
  • Click [Save]
  • Select at Settings the access rights this user role has in the Carerix modules and at what level


  • None: Cannot view any items
  • Owner: the items of which he is the owner
  • Office: the items of the office the owner of the item belongs to
  • All: All items (unrestricted of any owner or office)

Note :
That, in the case of the use of Business Lines, the visibility of Candidates and Job Orders is also limited to the Business Line of the owner of these items.


  • Visible:
    The module is invisible for this user role
    Read only
    Creating new files is allowed but changing of existing files is not
    Save changes in all files
    Remove all files
  • Click [Save]

Effects visibility of modules in Carerix

Creation and changing of User Roles has an influence on the use and visibility of the following features in Carerix:

  • E-mail templates
  • Document templates
  • The "Document type attachment"
  • Search profiles
  • Etc:
    If you refer to User Roles in an E-mail template and the name/ID changes, then the E-mail template will not work anymore.


  • Make a document or E-mail template (un)available for a certain User Role
  • The tabs in the e-mail box "All received" and "All sent" are only visible if this is enabled in the User Role
    The same goes for the 'Admin-tab' for Candidates and the 'Bonus-tab' for Job Orders and Users

Keywords: UD-421

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