CxScript Elements - cx:tabulate
Updated over a week ago

The instruction cx:tabulate is to be used to generate tables faster than would otherwise be possible. Use cx:tabulate in templates when creating export files or so called mail merge files.

Without cx:tabulate :

  <cx:fetch item="u" eospec="$activity.fspec">
      <td><cx:write value="$u.firstName"/></td>
      <td><cx:write value="$u.lastNamePrefix"/></td>
      <td><cx:write value="$u.lastName"/></td>
      <td><cx:write value="$u.address"/></td>
      <!-- ... etc ... -->

With cx:tabulate :

  <cx:fetch list="users" eospec="$activity.fspec">

    <cx:tabulate list="$users" columns="(firstName, lastNamePrefix, lastName, address, ...)" type="html" />



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