CxScript Elements - cx:language
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The cx:language element encloses the part of the template content in which the set language is applied.

The set language applies to: 

  • cx:write with attribute invoke="localizedString"

  • the way in which the following information is displayed: dates, addresses and the way persons are addressed
    (example: the opening line in an email)

  • the values for table items (CRDataNode objecten)


  • By setting the value for the attribute invoke in cx:write to localizedString the language module is activated. The right translation for the text will be fetched and displayed.

  • For every tabel item the appropriate translation is fetched and displayed. Is the translation for the set language not available then the translation for the application language is used.

  • The variable $language contains the active set language and thus changes when cx:language is used.


The following table contains all attributes available with the cx:element element. Obligatory attributes are printed bold.

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