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CxScript Variables - E-Mail en Document variables
CxScript Variables - E-Mail en Document variables
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Single-object (file)

From each file (candidate file, contactperson file,.. etc.) it is possible to create an e-mail or document. In each underlying template the following variables are available by using a key-path:

In an e-mail for a contactperson a opning could be created in the following way:

Dear <cx:write value="$"/>

Multi-objects (overview)

From overviews it to is possible to produce e-mails and documents. For this you would use the so called multi-objects templates.
 In these templates it is nescessary for you to use one of the following variables.

The content of a multi-objects template for a candidate overview could look like:

<cx:fetch list="employees" entity="CREmployee" eospec="$activity.toFetchSpecification.enterpriseFetchSpecification">

 <cx:foreach item="e" list="$employees">

   <cx:write value="$"/>



The former cx:fetch element collects candidates that were selected the moment the user decided to use the template.
The following cx:foreach element loops through these candidates one by one.

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