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You are seeing less files in Carerix then expected, how can you resolve this?

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In some cases you might see less files then expected. For example: You do know that there are new incoming e-mails, but you don't see new ones in your inbox. The cause of this problem could be that you have a "Filterprofile" active but you don't see it. That is because the "Searchbar" can be hidden in your interface. 

Search rules are invisible
In order to make sure that the interface is as clear as possible Carerix offers the possibility to hide specific parts of the interface, including the "Searchbar".
The latest "Filterprofile" will stay active. 

Make search rules visible

To make your current search visible again you need to press the [Arrow] button on the right side of your page. This allows the "Searchbar" to show your search rules.

After that your interface will look like the screenshot below: 

Keywords : UD-1412

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