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Textkernel Extraction Service

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You extract from an e-mail attachment or a saved CV. Carerix uses the program Textkernel to achieve this. You can use this function at 3 different places:

  • In the New Candidate wizard

  • From an email attachment

  • From the attachment in the Candidate file


New Candidate wizard

  • Go to 'Menu' | 'Candidates'

  • Click [New]

  • Choose Fill the Candidate file automatically by providing a CV document

  • Select the CV document

  • Click [Finish], the extraction starts

Extract CV from e-mail attachment

  • Open email

  • Click Attachments tab

  • Click the extraction icon next to the CV

  • Select: new Candidate or existing Candidate (update)

  • Click [Next]

  • Click [Finish] you see the CV extraction in a pop-up window

  • Check the result and click the Save button

Extract CV from attachment at Candidate

  • The same as from the email attachment

Tips and remarks

  • The Textkernel extraction service supports the following filetypes: DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, ODT, HTML, XML

  • Optimise the Textkernel extraction service with synonyms.

  • The usage of a anti-malware program can cause problems with the Textkernel extraction service. 

  • The usage of the Textkernel service within the Carerix system is based on 'fair use. More information? Inform your account manager. 

  • It can occur that the extraction of a CV document is not 100% correct. If the extraction has too much mistakes, send the CV document to the helpdesk and the TextKernel Team will try to improve their service. 


The administrator fills in synonyms when creating function-, education- and skill tables in Carerix. These are required when using the CV extraction efficiently. Synonyms contain as many terms that, when found in a CV, will lead to a choice for a table. When these synonyms are not filled in the efficiency of the CV extraction will suffer.

Example: The function HR Manager exists in your system. In the CV of the candidate, however,
the position is written out as "Human Resource Manager" or Manager HR".
In this case the CV extraction will not recognize this as the same function and will not automatically fill in the table of HR Manager.
When these synonyms are added to the table of HR Manager by the administrator, this will work automatically.

Changes in the tables in Carerix will be automatically synchronised by Textkernel every night.

Keywords: UD-167

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