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Since May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being enforced in all European Union member states. This new law provides more privacy rights to people and has a lot of impact on the recruitment branch and on you as a organization. It will give you more responsibility.

For example:

  • Registration for processing of data

  • Communication about privacy policy

  • Deleting privacy data when necessary


  • Map your in- and external dataflow

  • Describe per type of data:

    • The responsible person for contact data

    • The purpose of the data

    • The legal bases

    • The category of personal data

    • The category involved

    • The retention period

  • Provide a privacy statement

  • Provide a procedure to efficiently edit or delete data of the persons concerned.

  • Arrange a 'processor agreement' with the party that processes your personal data (in this case Carerix).

GDPR Tools in Carerix

Carerix responds to privacy law changes by adding new functionalities in the Carerix system to help simplify working with the new GDPR legislation.
Besides the technical improvement of protecting personal data in our database we strive to provide you with "easy to work with tools" to help you work conform the GDPR guidelines.

Information for web builders

  • REST API toolkit to set consent date and status in application.

  • Update van de Carerix WordPress Plugin to set the consent and status in a application.

  • Update of the Carerix WordPress-plug-in to add a checkbox and a link to your privacy statement. next to the button "Apply".

Read the web builder article: GDPR Information for web builders

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