Based on our experience with numerous implementations we have made the following overview of important things to keep in mind in order to ensure a smooth and successful implementation process:

Difference between the roles of the administrator and key users

  • In some implementation projects we differentiate between administrators and key users
  • In terms of their level of knowledge about Carerix both roles are the same
  • The only difference is that the key users are a somewhat more familiar with the processes within the whole organization whereas the administrators can often be lead recruiters who are well aware of the processes of their own department but not necessarily of the whole organization
  • Depending on the project size, scope and complexity you will advise together with your project manager how many key users and administrator should be involved

Choose your administrators / key users wisely

Please find below a description of the role of the administrator

  • Availability during the whole implementation but also afterwards
  • Affinity with IT
  • Knowledge and understanding of not only team but also organizational processes
  • Workload should be manageable with job requirements 
  • Ambassador of Carerix during and after the implementation
  • Positively critical on organizational processes
  • Authorized to make decisions or capable to demand decisions from the steering committee
  • In some cases the administrator should be capable of training his/her colleagues after having followed the Carerix train-the-trainer workshop

Make sure the end users and administrators are present during the training

  • The training is crucial for the success of the implementation but also the optimal usage of the system
  • It is not a good idea to plan the training in a week when most of your key or end users are on holiday
  • Please ensure that the persons with the most critical roles are available during the whole training and not only parts of the day
  • If that is not the case please discuss the possibilities to reschedule the consultant's visit together with your project manager or at least agree on a way to educate the absent users

Plan enough time for configuration and project coordination

  • The introduction of a new software is a time and energy consuming process
  • Make sure that the key users / administrators have enough time to configure the application
  • You will need to schedule time with the Carerix project manager in order to discuss the planning
  • Take into account that there will be also time for internal discussions
  • When Carerix is in operational use the administrator should have time for questions coming from the end users

Prepare for the consultant's visit

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