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Why does Carerix show other names for buttons?
Why does Carerix show other names for buttons?

Why do I see weird buttons instead of Matches, Admin and Save?

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We have received reports from other users that suddenly see different buttons in Carerix. This is caused by the Google Translate function. Or another plugin that translates webpages. Buttons with English words are then for example translated to Dutch or another Language.


In the example below you can see that the English words Matches and Admin are translated into Dutch words. Admin is translated to Beheerder, Matches is translated to Wedstrijden and Bewaren to Pas op. In other languages you might see similar behavior. Here is a Dutch example:


Take a look at your Google Translate settings in Chrome:

  • Open your Google Chrome browser

  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner

  • Go to Settings

  • Go to Advanced

  • Go to Languages

Make sure that both English and the relevant language are added as a known language. In our example the relevant language is Dutch.
And make sure that pages do not have to be translated when in this language.

Does this solution not work?

Try turning off the translation function for pages in an unknown language.


Keywords: UD-3267

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