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Release 5.273 // 24 April 2021
Release 5.273 // 24 April 2021

Change in Company Preview | Disable AdBlock Chrome extension for proper functioning of Carerix | New Release CX REST API Client

Updated over a week ago

This release consists of minor bug fixes and general improvements of the overall performance of your Carerix application.

Smaller updates and improvements:

  • Due to an update of the AdBlock extension for Chrome area's in Carerix using the Rich Text Editor became not usable. As a result it was not possible to read, add or edit emails and publication texts in case AdBlock was enabled. Though it currently seems like AdBlock has provided a fix and the problem seems resolved it is recommended to 'pause' AdBlock for Carerix does not bring in app advertisement so you will not end up with a lot of undesired commercial stuff.

  • For the company preview we changed the order a little bit by bringing the additional information more to the top. The status history is moved down so it is more likely your additional fields that show on the preview are on screen immediately.

  • CX REST API Client is upgraded to version 2.1.0 and now is compatible with PHP 8.

  • Fixed an issue making changing match stages in bulk slow.

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