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Thalento Assessments - send automatically
Thalento Assessments - send automatically
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Since March of 2017 the Thalento® Personality & Motivation Assessments, Cognitive and Abilitytests have been available for Carerix users. All Talent Solutions have been fully integrated within the Carerix environment.

The Talent Solutions from Thalento® can deliver evidence-based decisive information for all phases of the Talent Life Cycle. From generating & selecting the right Talents, keeping & managing People, to motivating & developing of Individuals & Teams and career mobility as a next step in creating a possible career.

The Thalento integrations can be found in the Candidate file within the Thalento tab.

Via this tab you can invite Candidates for different tests from Thalento's portfolio.

New: Automatically send a Thalento invite

It's also possible to send Candidates an automated invite! When a Candidate is set to a - as chosen by the customer - match stage, it's possible to - via Thalento - have an invite be sent automatically to the Candidate. The PQ test is the basis and as such is a requirement as the first test. Other tests can be added freely.

You can send the following tests this way:

  • PQ test: Personality & Motivation

  • SCOPE test: abstract reasoning

  • S test: numerical reasoning

  • A test: verbal reasoning

  • SNA test: Speed & Accuracy

  • PNO test: Planning & Organisation

The Administrator of your Carerix application can configure the match stages with the following codes:

  • Thalento_SCOPE

  • Thalento_S

  • Thalento_A

  • Thalento_SNA

  • Thalento_PNO

  • Thalento_PQ

The PQ test is the standard which is required to be sent. You can combine the invitation for the PQ test with other test, by adding multiple codes in the code field, separated by a semicolon (;).

For example: the code for the Personality & Motivation (PQ) and the Verbal reasoning (A) will look as follows:

Rules for use

  • The PQ test is required to be sent along

  • The Candidate needs to have an email address filled in

  • It's possible to send multiple tests at a time


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