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Password error caused by Google Chrome autofill feature
Password error caused by Google Chrome autofill feature

Error message "passwords are not equal" or "Form validation failed. Some required fields are missing. Fill-in the missing fields"

Updated over a week ago

Google Chrome will try to automatically fill in input fields on a page for you.

Unfortunately this Google Chrome functionality is causing an error in our application.
Our developers have not been able to disable this google functionality for Carerix, this is due to Chrome being persistent about wanting to fill in those fields.
It is not yet possible to turn off this feature per website.

Below we're going to describe where and how the error message will appear and what you can do yourself as a kind of workaround.
It goes without saying that this issue has our full attention to be able to find a solution as soon as possible.

Where can you encounter this error message?

  • Go to 'Files' | 'Contacts'

  • Go to 'General-tab'

  • Go to the block 'Access'
    Google Chrome will fill in a password you have stored into the 'New password' field

  • Make a change in the file

  • Click [Save]
    Now an error message will appear: "passwords are not equal"

  • And the error message: "Form validation failed. Some required fields are missing. Fill-in the missing fields."

This does not only happen with a contact file but with every file where you can change a password, such as the 'Admin-tab' in the candidate file.


At the moment our developers have not yet found a solution for this issue, they will keep looking for one. But in the mean time I will describe some workarounds below.

Turn off Chrome feature Auto Sign-in

In Chrome you can turn off the feature that automatically fills in the fields on a web page. This means that it will be turned off for every website you visit with Chrome, it is not yet possible to turn this off per website.

  • Go to Chrome's settings,
    click in the top right on the [three dots]  (Kebab menu)

  • Choose 'Settings'

  • Go to 'Autofill'
    Choose 'Passwords' option 'Auto Sign-in', turn off the blue switch

Close the 'Access' panel

You can also close the 'Access' panel in 'Files' | 'Contacts' | 'Basic-tab'
The next time you open a contact file Chrome will not have the opportunity to fill in a password due to the panel being closed.

Make use of another browser

  • Use Chromium, available for download here.
    Chromium is the open-source version of Google Chrome. Most extensions from Chrome will still work in Chromium, including the LinkedIn browser. We don't know yet if Chromium is as aggressive with being able to automatically fill in passwords as Chrome is,  in the mean time we don't recommend logging into Chromium with your Google account or saving passwords.

  • Use Firefox, available for download here.
    This browser can also save your passwords but is as of now not as aggressive with the autofill function. The only downside is the LinkedIn browser, which is not available for Firefox.

Keywords : UD-2858

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