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Release 5.0.208 // 29 September 2018
Release 5.0.208 // 29 September 2018

Minor changes and bug fixes

Updated over a week ago

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In release 208 there are no significant changes in functionality. Just maintenance and performance updates. 

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • fixed an issue in the configuration profile with mandatory settings for email addresses blocking the user form saving a file.

  • fixed an issue with trigger action create task from task template creating tasks twice in some occasions

  • fixed an issue with IP restriction/TBA that could be circumvented by using (malicious) Google Chrome add-ons (available in Carerix version 207).

  • as part of a larger performance improvement the Carerix latency widget was removed from all Carerix applications. 

  • fixed an issue with Carerix XML API occasionally not being available

  • fixed an issue with email templates missing the 'from address' resulting in a failure of sending the message.

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