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Set user to inactive
Set user to inactive
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An inactive user does not count for the permitted number of users (seats). The administrator can deactivate users.


Deactivating the user

  1. Click 'Management' - 'Users'.

  2. Click the specific user.

  3. Check the 'Deny login' option

Setting different owner for the files

  1. Filter for "Owner is equal to..." (the inactive user).

  2. Select all results.

  3. Select action: Set owner....

  4. Choose new owner.

Preventing the inactive user from receiving e-mails

Incoming e-mail for the inactive user is delivered to the owner of this user. Prevent this as follows:

  1. Remove the e-mail settings of the user.

  2. Change the username, e.g. from John to John_removed. This prevents e-mails directed to from arriving.

  3. Ask the Administrator of your e-mailserver to shut down the mailbox of this user and set an alias/redirect the messages to a colleague that adopt the function.

Reactivating the user

  1. Click 'Management' - 'Users'.

  2. Click the "Inactive users" tab.

  3. Click the specific user.

  4. Check the "Active" option.

Cancelling inactive users

When you took all the steps above to make an user inactive. You have to sent an email to for changing the invoice to the right amount of active users.

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