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Leads and Opportunities workflow
Leads and Opportunities workflow

The main process workflow of the sales and opportunity for the Carerix organisation

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The Leads section is reserved for Marketing and the Opportunity section is reserved for Account Managers. 

Basically Leads and Opportunities are two separate parts of the Sales process which could be linked to each other. 

At the same time Opportunities and Leads could have absolutely independent workflow which consist from their own Stages, Groups, Procedures, Triggers, Templates, Dashboards, Sources, Companies, Contacts and Job orders.

Leads and Opportunities items could have relation with the multiple Job orders, but in the same time Job order could be linked only to one Lead and one Opportunity. Contacts with Leads and Opportunities could have many-to-many relation ship which provide configuration flexibility.

Post-activation changes in the application

Leads and Opportunities are behaving like the usual Files such as Job Orders and Matches. You can link them to Contacts or Companies, can create Activities and create email templates. 

When activation is done system gets new fields and sections:

  • Context bar-Timeline
    Lead/Opportunity/Job order section instead of just Job order. 


User role management

The User role setting has two new additional configurations for viewing, creating, editing and deleting actions.

Document/Email templates

The Sales functionality includes document and email templates which are linked to the Stages. The option "Visible at" filed inside template detail page has a new items: Lead stage, Opportunity stage. A new list with available stages is shown after choosing "Lead/Opportunity stage" for "Visible at" field. So there is a possibility to define relationships between template and stages.

Lead/Opportunity Stages

Carerix Administrators can configure the Lead/Opportunity stages. 

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | 'Lead stages'

  • Go to 'Maintenance' | Opportunity stages'

Stages can have multiple names, depending on the available System language of the application.

Lead and Opportunity stages are behaving in the same way as Match stages with:

  • Index

  • Activation checkbox

  • Option to set this stage as the standard.

  • Endstage option

  • Pick a color

  • Link Email templates

  • Link Document templates

  • Related procedure item for this stage

  • Related stage group item for this stage.

  • Code is used for templates and dashboard

  • Remarks/Instruction - The text will be shown in lead/opportunity with this stage.


Both Lead and Opportunity have 8 available tables inside Maintenance -> Tables

  • Attribute lead/opportunity 

  • Category lead/opportunity 

  • Grouplead/opportunity 

  • Prioritylead/opportunity 

  • Procedurelead/opportunity 

  • Role for lead/opportunity 

  • Source lead/opportunity 

  • Stage group

How to create Leads and Opportunities 

In order to create new Leads and Opportunities records there is typical "+" button in the left menu and both overviews have "New" buttons.

After clicking the [New] button, a 3 step wizard will open. 

Step 1 to create a new Lead/Opportunity - Company

Is about company connection. 

  1. Company can be taken from the context bar

  2. Creating new one or finding existing one. 

  3. Lead wizard has 1 more additional option "None", in this case wizard will bring the customer to the 3-rd step without linking company and contact.

Step 2 to create a new Lead/Opportunity - Contact

Is about contact connection. 

  1. Contact can be taken from the context bar

  2. Creating new one or finding existing one. 

  3. Lead wizard has 1 more additional option "None", in this case wizard will bring the customer to the 3-rd step with company linking but without contact linking.

Step 3 to create a new Lead/Opportunity - Lead/Opportunity

Is about lead/opportunity record. 

  1. 1-st option is a Lead/Opportunity from the context bar. 

  2. 2-nd option "Find an existing lead and make a copy" is shown in case when previously chosen contacts already linked to some lead/opportunity records.

  3. 3-rd option is always available - "Create an empty lead/opportunity record" 

Leads and Opportunities sections

Two new options inside "Files" section are introduced - "Leads" and "Opportunities". Both items have a lot of things in common with each other. Each item includes Overview functionality, general detail page, Attachments, Jobs, Contacts, Activities and Placements tabs.

Overview functionality

This is the “Stage group” overview on Leads/Opportunities, similar to the Matches overview, with a tab for each Lead/Opportunity stage group, holding the Leads/Opportunities in that Lead/Opportunity stage group. Additionally there are tabs for “My Leads”, “Leads of my office” and “All Leads”. Each of tabs has "New" button, Bulk action list, simple search, advanced search, print template, set of reports and preview panel.

Detail page functionality

The details for Leads/Opportunities are similar to the Job order details, with the following tabs and actions: General tab

  1. General tab actions:

  2. Save (All changes will be validated and saved)

  3. Print button (Use configured print template for the Lead/Opportunity record)

  4. Link (Opportunity record has Contact and Company items. Lead has Contact, Company and Opportunity)

  5. + Opportunity (Only Lead record has this button. Just like a Match button to convert that into a Placement. This Button converts Lead into Opportunity. It will also impact the Endstage of the Lead stages, there must be a default endstage just like in matches. The end result is that there is a Opportunity with a linked Lead.) 

  6. Cancel (Discard all the changes and close the record)

The toolbar for the General tab contains Stage instead of Status and works identical to the Stage selector in a Match. So when the Stage is changed, the email and document comboboxes are updated.

Attachments tab:

There is a possibility to upload attachment files with different types for the Lead/Opportunity items. Job orders tab: Lead/Opportunity could be linked to several Job orders. Job orders tab has 2 buttons: New (For creating and linking new job orders) and Add (For linking already existing job orders)

Contacts tab:

Lead/Opportunity could have multiple contacts with wide range of roles which are taking from Role for Lead/Opportunity table. Contacts tab has 2 buttons: New (For creating and linking new contacts) and Add (For linking already existing contacts). If the role of a contact person is not Main contact or Sigh authority, then the role could be changed from the contacts list (See pic. 20)

Activities tab:

There is a possibility to create an activity which is related to the Lead/Opportunity. There is a New button available in Activities tab of the Lead/Opportunity detail page, as well as through the Activity icons in the context bar.

Placements tab:

There is a possibility to see placements that are connected to the job orders within the Lead/opportunity. Also the Placement overview has a New button to create a placement record. The current tab shows all placements from job orders which are linked to the current Lead/Opportunity record.

Additional functionality

Activities section

Each item from Activities section (E-mail, Tasks, Calendar, Notes) has 2 new options: Lead and Opportunity inside Link action from overview and detail page. When a lead/opportunity has a link with an activity, then the activity detail page shows information about related lead/opportunity with possibility to change the stages.

Files section->Job order The Link action from the Job order overview and detail page has 2 new options: Lead and Opportunity. When a link between Job order and Lead/Opportunity is created, a new field "Related to" with a Lead/Opportunity link is shown in Job order detail page.

Files section->Contacts New Leads and Opportunities tabs inside Contact detail page are shown. Both tabs show overview with related records to the Contact with "New" buttons for creating new Lead/Opportunity. Lead tab has additional overview action - "Remove from lead".

Files section->Companies New Leads tab inside Company detail page is shown. Tab shows overview with related Leads to the Company with "New" button.


Leads and Opportunities have trigger functionalities. They work in the same way as the regular triggers. 

New events:

  1. Lead/Opportunity is added to group

  2. Lead/Opportunity is created

  3. Lead/Opportunity last modification date has passed since

  4. Lead/Opportunity stage group is changed to..

  5. Lead/Opportunity stage has been changed to..

New actions:

  1. Lead/Opportunity is added to group

  2. Lead/Opportunity is removed from group

  3. Lead/Opportunity stage is set to...

Keywords: UD-883

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