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The new Carerix Calendar - FAQ
The new Carerix Calendar - FAQ
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The new Carerix Agenda supports:

  • Synchronization with Google and Microsoft.

  • "Find a time" feature: searching for a colleague's availability, provided that:

    • The colleague has an active sync and uses their own unique account.

    • The logged-in user has a user role with sufficient rights on the User file.

  • Integration with the new Planner functionality.

  • Video conferences via Google Meet.

  • Video conferences via MS Teams (in BETA, not yet 100% supported).

  • Carerix triggers and Activity Report (based on crtodos).

  • Use of email templates for Activity.Meetings entity.

  • Private meetings created in Microsoft/Google.

  • Setting default visibility (private vs. public) in Carerix.

  • Displaying recurring appointments created in Microsoft/Google.

  • Users without an active sync can still view the synchronized accounts of their colleagues.

  • Carerix uses the time zone set in your system settings. For example, if the primary time zone in Google Calendar is set to UTC+3 and the system time zone is UTC+2, Carerix Calendar will use UTC+2.


Carerix Agenda does not function as a standalone calendar provider. The new Agenda operates based on integration with Microsoft (Outlook) or Google Calendar.

If you were previously using Carerix Agenda 1.0 without an active integration with Outlook/Google Calendar, you will no longer see those meetings in your new Agenda. However, they will remain visible in Carerix under the Activities tab (as "Appointments"). Note, you can choose to temporarily also see your old Calendar.


  • Outlook displays a meeting in UTC time zone when you want to edit a meeting. The time itself is correct, but since it is shown in UTC, there is a 2-hour time difference with European time (UTC+2).

  • Creating or modifying recurring appointments from Carerix.

  • Adding Carerix resources (meeting rooms) to a meeting.

  • Modifying Type and Result by non-organizers of a meeting.

The new Carerix Agenda does not support

  • Creating a meeting on behalf of a colleague.

  • Using the same Google or Microsoft account for multiple Carerix applications.

  • Microsoft's "Hide attendee list" feature.

  • Agenda 1.0 fields "Tentative or Confirmed".

  • Changing your participation in past events.

  • For Google users only: If an organizer creates a meeting in Google Calendar and selects the "Don't send" option, this meeting cannot be accepted or declined through the Carerix interface. However, the meeting will be displayed in Carerix.

  • In some cases, Microsoft's EAS (Exchange Active Sync) can cause issues. The use of MS Teams and visibility settings is not supported with EAS. We recommend using Microsoft's EWS (Exchange Web Services).

Differences between the old and new Agenda

  • The Calsync 2.0 integration is completely redesigned compared to Calsync 1.0. Calsync 2.0 offers more stability and better synchronization.

  • The new Agenda integrates with MS Teams and Google Meet.

  • The new Agenda only works with an active Google or Microsoft integration.

  • Google or Microsoft automatically sends invitations to participants. You don't need to send a separate email with an .ics file.

  • With the new Agenda, it is easier to quickly view the availability of colleagues.

  • The new Agenda retrieves newly created meetings from your Google or Microsoft much faster.

  • The new Agenda also provides new tabs for Candidate, Contact, Match, etc. On the "Agenda" tab, you can find your new meetings. Historical meetings remain available on the Activity tab.

  • The new Agenda does not support adding attachments.

Explanation of (technical) flows between the new Agenda and your Provider

The old and new agendas have technical differences. Email templates, triggers, and/or Activity reports will still work with the new Agenda. Here's how it works:

  1. The recruiter creates a new meeting in Carerix (or modifies an existing one).

  2. Carerix immediately displays the meeting (status = in progress).

  3. Carerix sends a request to the Provider to create the meeting.

  4. The Provider (Microsoft/Google) sends a response back to Carerix once step 3 is successful. This usually takes between 10 and 30 seconds.

  5. Carerix displays the meeting (status = synchronization successful).

  6. Background process: Carerix creates the activity ("crtodo").

  7. The activity is successfully created and becomes visible under the Activities tab.

  8. Email templates, triggers, and/or Activity reports function based on step 7.


Q: I can't look up my colleagues?

A: Check if the user role has read permissions on the "Users" file.

Q: When I try to add an MS Teams link, it asks for administrator approval.

A: The admin of your Microsoft subscriptions (often an internal admin or an external IT provider) can provide this approval.

Q: Will my own email templates still work in combination with the New Calendar?

A: Yes, information from a meeting will be made available for use in email templates. This includes fields like first name, appointment date, time, the MS Teams link, etc.

Would you like to upgrade to the new Carerix Agenda?

Follow this step-by-step plan: Upgrade the Carerix Agenda.

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