For users of the Textkernel Search! module in Carerix we have created the option to automatically parse information from the candidate resume into selected empty fields on the candidate general tab.

With application forms becoming shorter and shorter for the sake of candidate experience you often end up with only little information in (new) candidate records emerged from online applicants. To help you a little bit we have introduced a new setting that can be used when Textkernel Search! is active in your Carerix.

As this is a beta feature the setting by default is set to NO. If you want to use it and test it with us, you can contact

How it works:

If the following conditions are met::

  • the setting 'autoParseGeneralTab' in the settings menu - Textkernel Search! panel is activated and - as a consequence - has value YES

  • A CV attachment is available for the candidate record;

  • the information is available in the CV; and

  • the information is recognized by Textkernel as such.

The following fields on the candidate general tab will be automatically filled:

  • first name

  • last name

  • initials

  • lastnameprefix

  • street

  • house number

  • postal code

  • city

  • country

  • home phone number

  • voip_phone_fixed

  • voip_phone_mobile

  • email address

  • gender

  • date of birth

  • nationality

  • drivers license

  • job title

  • current job

Please note: Parsing of information from the CV attachement will only be done in case the particular field has NO VALUE (=empty). In case the particular field has a value no data will be parsed to prevent possible data loss due to over writing existing data.

If the candidate has multiple resume attachments (type of attachment has the cv-tag) the most recent file will be used.

When are records available for automated parsing?

New candidate records
Will be included in automated parsing automatically and immediately

Existing candidate records

Also existing candidate records can have information automatically extracted. To have them included in the automatic parsing process one of the following changes to the record should be done:

  • A (new) (cv) attachment is uploaded to the candidate record

  • A new work experience is added to the candidate record

  • One of the following fields is changed:

    • Status

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Last name prefix

    • Initials

    • Gender

    • Date of birth

    • Drivers Licence

    • Nationality

    • Availability date

    • Home Address

    • Phone number fields

    • Email addresses

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