In this article we list the most important IT focus points which are of great importance to take action as soon as possible in the implementation process. Whether there is an internal IT department within the organization or this knowledge is invested externally via a IT supplier, coordination on these points is crucial for the successful implementation of the Carerix system. It is recommended to set clear deadlines in the implementation planning for the realization and testing of the div. foresee integrations.

Email synchronization

  • There are three options to link your mail to Carerix (IMAP/POP/Forward)

  • 2 security protocols (SSL/TLS)

  • Firewall: If your e-mail server is protected with a firewall, make an exception for our IP numbers

  • For the above 3 points see this article

  • To send mail from Carerix the SPF record needs to be changed

  • Unless you want to use your own mail server (SMTP) in Carerix

  • If using MFA, an app password must be generated for Carerix. In this article you can read how to do this for Gmail, you can read the following article for Office365.

  • Carerix is ​​a mail client, not a mailbox. There must be 1 user account in Carerix for each linked mailbox

  • When setting up the email synchronization, mail is retrieved up to 30 days ago. From that moment on, Carerix keeps track of the synchronization completely.

  • For an additional fee, the email history can be retrieved up to 1 year after initialization.

  • Linking the Carerix application to a (vacancy) website can be done in two ways; via the Carerix WordPress Plugin or by using an API connection

  • More info about the WordPress Plugin and the API connection

  • In the forum of Google Groups questions can be asked to fellow administrators and / or IT specialists from other organizations who have previously established a synchronization. The Carerix developers are also active on this forum

  • The responsibility of linking lies entirely with your web builder. If help is needed use the above resources. If the web builder is still unable to find a solution, we have a partner specialist available for each platform. These can provide support for a fee.

  • Of course your Carerix consultant is a sparring partner who can advise on the (im) possibilities regarding the functional options between your Carerix application and your future website

Calendar synchronization

  • There are three options for synchronizing the calendar:
    - Office365
    - Google
    - Exchange

  • Normally the calendar synchronizes in two directions. We also offer the possibility to only use push synchronization. In the direction of Carerix to your agenda.

Login options (LDAP/ADFS)

  • Carerix can use an LDAP server to validate a user's data

  • The setup for ADFS is done by the your ADFS administrator and an expert from Carerix.


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