To enable mail or calendar synchronization between Google/G Suite mailboxes and Carerix, Google requires you to list Carerix as a 'Trusted App' in your Google/G Suite account.

In this article we explain how to make Carerix a trusted app in your Google/G Suite account. To do this you need administrator rights to the account/domain you want to sync Carerix with.

Instruction steps to make Carerix a trusted app - to be taken by a G Suite Admin:

  • Click on Add App - a drop down with three options will show

  • Select the option "oAuth App name or Client ID":

  • A pop up will appear: copy/paste or type the correct Client ID and click on search:



  • Select the found Carerix application and click on add:

  • Check that the "App Name" that appears in the list is "Carerix".

  • Make absolutely sure that Carerix is a 'Trusted' app and is allowed to use all Google services

Important: Not having Carerix listed as a trusted app in your Google/G Suite domain will result in not functioning email synchronization.

From June 2020 Google only supports IMAP mail synchronization via advanced authentication (oAuth2). Carerix offers this option. To use this method Carerix needs to be registered as a trusted app in the used Google/G Suite domain.


Keywords: UD-3110, oAuth

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