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Google Sign-in with Carerix
Google Sign-in with Carerix
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From now on, there is also an option to let users validate their access to a Carerix system too.
Google Sign-in is a commonly used way to authorize users for any online application. It offers an out-of-the box high standard and secure (2 way) authorization and therefore is valuable and easy to use and implement. 

Google Sign-in offers a standardized and highly secure and an entirely integrated way to log in to a software application. Carerix strives to use high quality commonly used best practices as much as possible to improve its user experience in any future developments. 

Availability, activation and usage

  • Sign in with Google is available on request for every customer

  • Carerix activates this functionality

  • Once activated, the Google Sign in button appears in the Username/Password/Forgot password fields/link. Note: it is not possible to switch off username/password functionality. It can easily co-exist.

  • To let a user authorize with Google, its username should be the same as the Google address (e.g., that is used to authorize with.


Ater Carerix has activated the Google Sign-In functionality, a Google Sign-In panel will be visible in the setting menu:

Google sign-in can be activated and de-activated here. After activating, the Google Sign-in button should then be visible on the login screen immediately after refreshing your application.

Keywords: UD-3035

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